Institute seminar in Berlin


02.03.2018 - 03.03.2018

  Participant at the white board Copyright: © IKDG

Current developments in the field of power plant technology in Germany require an adaptation of the strategic orientation of the institute. Decreasing demands for large-scale steam and gas turbines require the development of new, future-proof research fields. For this reason, the head of the institute, Professor Wirsum, decided to organize a two - day seminar. The aim of this seminar was, on the one hand, to initiate a discussion among all scientific staff members about possible new fields of research and their relevance to the IKDG. On the other hand, topics such as the attractiveness of the institute to students, the general improvement of marketing strategies towards possible industrial partners and students as well as a revision of different courses were discussed.

  All participants Copyright: © IKDG