Vacancy as Mechanic

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Operator for Metal Cutting Machines (M/F/D)

The Institute of Power Plant Technology, Steam and Gas Turbines conducts research in close cooperation with industry in the main areas of turbine aerodynamics, heat transport in thermally highly loaded components, component cooling, combustion, analysis and optimization of power plant processes as well as the development of modern processes for power generation with the integration of renewable energy sources.
For experimental projects, the IKDG maintains a wide range of technical equipment, from smaller test facilities to large-scale test rigs, for whose assembly, maintenance and servicing a reinforcement of the team is needed.

The work is versatile and diversified, including the manufacture of close-tolerance test rig components from metallic and non-metallic materials on drilling, turning and milling machines, welding work and related preparatory work in pipeline and test rig construction, as well as responsible participation in the assembly, maintenance and repair of the above-mentioned smaller test facilities and large test rigs.

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