Lectures offered by the Institute of Power Plant Technology, Steam and Gas Turbines include topics of the general field of power plants and more specifically the energy conversion technology, steam and gas turbines. As an academic institution at one of the worlds most prestigeous technical universities, the IKDG targets to convey detailed and specific knowledge in the above listed topic to fellow students. Studentes are also encouraged to take active part in research projects and thesis to deepen and apply their knowledge.

The choice of courses is adapted to the needs of a student formation in the master of Energy Technologies, especially regarding the specialization "Power Plants" and "Turbomachinery/Jet Propulsion", which is organized in cooperation with the Institute of Jet Propulsion and Turbomachinery.

A key factor for success in teaching and research is the continuous exchange with designated industry partners, which allows for the incorporation of recent trends in turbomachinery to lectures and research.

Beside the specialized formation, the IKDG also commits itself to serve as an ambassador of power plant and turbomachinery technology for students from different specializations and society in general. Lectures such as 'Building and Operation of Power Plant under Competitive Market Conditions' and 'Selected Topics of Turbomachinery' invite representatives of industry, research and politics to an open discussion over technological, political and legal requirements of today's and future power generation systems.