Awards for outstanding theses


Bachelor- and Master theses with excellent grades are periodically evaluated by the Förderverein. The top three rated theses are rewared with a cash prize.

An overview of the prize-winning works of the past two years is presented below:





David Jansen

Design and Engineering of a Cooled Adapter for Integrating a GT Combustion Chamber into a Hot Gas Test Bench BA 2016

Felix Martin Fischer

Numerical Simulation of a 1.5-Staged Experimental Gas-Turbine with Sealing-Air-System BA 2016

Nikolas Dominik Rössler

Development and Commissioning of a Test Bench for Experimental Investigations of Heat Transfer at the Roots of a Steam Turbine Blade BA 2016

Christian Lenzen

Setup of a Data Acquisition System followed by an Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Measured Operating Data on a Turbocharger Test Stand MA 2016

Piotr Łuczyński

Simulation of the Temperature Distribution and Thermal Stresses in a Radial Turbine in Dependence of the Flow MA 2016

Thomas Diekötter

Design and Engineering of a Modular Mounting and Supply Component for Integrating a GT Combustion Chamber into a Hot Gas Test Bench MA 2016

Marcel Meiß

Numerical Investigations on the Optimization of the Rim Sealing of an Experimental Gas Turbine BA 2015

Richard Niestroj

Analysis of Marketing Opportunities for Small-Scale Gas Turbines with CHP in Germanys Electricity Market BA 2015

Alexander Gronwald

Programming the measuring software for a wind tunnel BA 2015

Stephan Kickartz

Feasibility Study on Combined Electrolysis and Fuel Cell Systems for Buildings MA 2015

Dennis Többen

Investigation of Complex Heat Transfer Mechanisms of a Repetitive Stage During Pre-Warming of Steam Turbines MA 2015

Kristof Weidtmann

Development of a Desing Concept and Numerical Calculation of a Multi-Stage ORC Turbine for Connection to a Gas Turbine Cycle MA 2015