Power and Heat Supply Systems

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The course "Power and Heat Supply Systems" provides information about systems currently used in the field of power and heat supply as well as their components. This course replaces the former course "Advanced Processes for Power Plants".
The introduction to this course is based on an overview of the current power and heat supply infrastructure in Germany. The focus is also on the current and prospective market situation for the various technologies used.
For a detailed consideration, the processes in power and heat supply plants will first be presented and the underlying thermodynamics will be dealt with. In addition to classical power plants, the focus is also on heat pump processes, other power-to-heat plants and the use of cogeneration. In addition, possibilities for thermal energy storage will be discussed.
The core part of the course deals with the individual components that make up the higher-level plants and how they function. The subdivision is based on energy conversion and includes the following contents: Furnaces, Steam Generators, Heat Exchangers, Turbines & Expanders, Coolers & Condensers, Pumps & Compressors, Valves & Fittings, Generators, and Auxiliary Systems.

Based on the knowledge gained ofn the components, the operation and control of the integrated power and heat supply systems will be addressed. Special emphasis is placed on emission of pollutants and measures to reduce emissions. In order to strengthen the practical understanding of the operation and control processes, the lecture contents are deepened with the help of laboratory exercises at the institute's power plant simulator.
The course concludes with examples of industrial and municipal applications. Based on realized plant concepts, the different processes are compared and their advantages and disadvantages are made clear. As a result, the potential areas of application of the various technical concepts for the supply of electricity and heat are elucidated.