Building and Operation of Power Plants under Competitive Market Conditions

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Dr.-Ing. Frank-Detlef Drake


Dr.-Ing. Frank-Detlef Drake



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Christian Goßrau

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Reliability of supply, environmental sustainability, profitability and social acceptance - these are the foundations of energy systems with power generation as its main purpose. But how can such a system be technically and economically optimized? Which policitcal and legal conditions must be obeyed? What does our power generation system look like today and which changes do we expect in the future? How does the energy market work today and where is its development leading to? Which challenges are brought up with the modification of power generation systems and which technical and economical options exist?

These question are brought up in the lecture, dealing with the following topics:

  • Introduction, history, electricity as a product, legislation
  • Power plant layouts (renewable, fossile, nucelar)
  • Construction and maintenance of power plants
  • Balance of power grids
  • Electricity markets and power plant operation
  • Outlook for the energy system of the future

The lecture is amended by an excursion to exciting on-site locations.

The course language is German.