Mikro Gas Turbine GT 027-1 (Pirna-Turbine)

  Micro-Gas Turbine in IKDG Maschine hall Copyright: © IKDG  

The laboratory test STM 10 - gas turbine - comprises the determination of the cyclic process parameters on a shaft power gas turbine. The gas turbine plant is a GT 027-1 of the former VEB Strömungsmaschinen Pirna, which was designed and used to drive a synchronous generator as a compact emergency power unit. This gas turbine is a simple single-shaft gas turbine unit and has a centrifugal compressor stage with a bladed diffuser and a radial turbine stage with a bladed stator whose vanes are cooled with compressed air.

The gas turbine operates at constant speed and is constantly connected to the load to be driven via the two gearboxes. When this gas turbine is started, the turbine shaft and with it all gear shafts and the load are accelerated as well. In the test, the gas turbine drives an eddy current brake.




Measurement Technology

  • Steady and unsteady pressure measurements
  • Steady temperature measurements
  • Analysis of exhaust gas composition

Technical Data

Design Power/Max. Power (Duration 15 min.) 162/175 kW
Design Speed/Max. Speed [1/min) 32,000/33,000

Air Mass Flow @1.013 kPa & 15 °C [kg/s]


Exhaust Gas Temperature [°C]


Exhaust Gas Exit Velocity at max. Power Output [m/s] 95


Diesel or Kerosin

Thermal Input at max. Power Output [kg/h]


Duration of Starting Procedure up to Full Load Conditions < 30 s