High pressure combustor test rig


This test rig allows for investigations of can-type combustors used in industrial gas turbines under realistic operation conditions. The test rig can handle combustors up to 10 MW thermal power and exhaust gas temperatures of up to 1350°C. The air supply can provide a maximum mass flow of 12 kg/s at a pressure level of 24 bar and a temperature of 550°C. The fuel supply has access to both hydrogen and natural gas. A specially developed mixing station can continuously adjust fuel compositions from 100 percent hydrogen to 100 percent natural gas.

The main goal of the test campaigns is to investigate the influence of e.g. the fuel composition on the NOx emissions. Furthermore it is possible to use methods for reducing the nitric oxides, for example water injection. Other areas of research are flame instabilities and pressure oscillations during combustor operation.

The air supply is provided by a six-staged, geared radial compressor. The air is intercooled after the four front stages which increases the compressor efficiency and reduces the outlet temperature to a constant level. To achieve the necessary air temperature a pre heater is used. This enables an independent adjustment of temperature, pressure and mass flow.



  • Measurement of nitric oxides at varying operation conditions
  • Research on strategies to reduce emissions of nitric oxides
  • Investigation of oscillations inside the combustor
  • Investigation of varying burner configurations
  • Validation of new burner concepts

Measurement Technology

  • Steady and unsteady pressure measurements
  • Steady temperature measurements
  • Analysis of exhaust gas composition

Technical Data

Air mass flow [kg/s]


Air pressure [bar]


Air temperature [°C]


Exhaust gas temperature [°C]



Natural gas and hydrogen

Thermal power [MW]