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Modern centrifugal compressor stages are designed using CFD software tools. During the development process, the most promising stage and component designs are selected, manufactured and experimentally investigated in a centrifugal compressor test rig. The obtained experimental results are used to validate the numerical prediction, but also to improve the numerical model and thus the prediction quality. In addition, the understanding of flow phenomena in centrifugal compressors will be extended with the help of the experimental and numerical investigations.



Schematic view of a centrifugal compressor stage Copyright: © IKDG

In the already successfully completed research project COOREFLEX-Turbo 1.3.9 "Extension of the operating range limits of centrifugal gas compressors for flexible energy storage applications", geometric contouring of the channel walls in the area of the diffuser was used to extend the stable operating range and simultaneously improve the stage efficiency. One of the developed contouring is exemplified in Figure 2, which is characterized by local material buildup (bump) and material removal (indentation).

Building on this project, the research project "Expanding the operating range of centrifugal compressor stages for gas and energy storage applications" will develop a method for automatically optimizing the stator part of a centrifugal compressor stage. The optimization method will then be used for aerodynamic design of automatically optimized stator designs. The results of the numerical simulations will be analyzed and validated against experimental test data. Both the numerical and experimental results of the project will be used to derive design guidelines, which will include recommendations for extending the stable operating range while maintaining high efficiencies of high-efficiency centrifugal compressor stages.



The project is financially supported by the BMWi and MAN Energy Solutions.

MAN Energy Solutions is the chairman of the associated project committee.


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