The provision of energy and heat in sufficient quantities is the foundation for economical and personal prosperity in our highly engineered world. An economically and ecologically reasonable energy conversion of primary energy into the required form of useful energy is a prerequisite. Modern energy-related systems satisfy this purpose. The conservation of resources as well as the preservation of our biosphere are - among many other duties - paramount if we want to leave the future generations a world worth living in.

The Institute of Power Plant Technology, Steam and Gas Turbines (IKDG) at RWTH Aachen University persues applied research for optimizing energy conversion processes as well as fundamental research for the development of new concepts on a world-class standard. The society "Verein zur Förderung von Forschung und Anwendung energietechnischer Anlagen im Institut für Kraftwerkstechnik, Dampf- und Gasturbinen" or short "Förderverein" was founded on January 1st, 1995, as a research supportive institution.

The institute's collaboration with the society's active members aims at the realization of specific informational studies, project studies and research projects. This ensures a mutually profitable transfer of knowledge.

Bachelor- and Master theses with excellent grades are periodically evaluated by the Förderverein. The top three rated theses are rewared with a cash prize.


Society's Active Members