Clean Energy Research Initiative


Clean Energy Research Initiative

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The Clean Energy Research Initiative (CERI) is a Sino-German research cooperation between the Tsinghua BP Clean Energy Research and Education Center from Tsinghua University in Beijing and the IKDG. As such, the CERI deals with current and future challenges in the field of power technology. The core elements of the cooperation are common research projects, frequent joint workshops and the exchange of researchers and students.

The initiative focuses on current developments in the energy industry, especially taking into account the different national frameworks of China and Germany. In this global context, three main trends are dominating: The decarbonization, the decentralization and the digitalization of energy supply systems. Therefore, the main research topics of the Clean Energy Research Initiative are the investigation of decentralized energy supply systems as well as innovative technologies for emission-free power generation with gas turbines.

In the context of scientific exchange, researchers and students of both partner institutes get the chance to work closely with colleagues from the partner institute during a stay abroad. Each semester, two master students of RWTH Aachen University get the opportunity to write their master thesis in Beijing as part of the CERI. The scientific supervision is provided by a research assistant of IKDG staying in China as a visiting researcher. In addition to the professional supervision, CERI also supports participating students with organizational help and financial sponsorship.

Contact details as well as further information about the Clean Energy Research Initiative can be provided by Sophia Jörg and Nils Petersen.