Start of seminar series "Selected Topics of Energy Systems and Flight Propulsion"

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In the winter semester 2022/23, the IKDG is organizing a seminar series on the topic "CO2 reduction in the energy industry".

The series of lectures will discuss whether and how the necessary climate targets can be implemented in terms of the energy policy target triangle. The focus of the lecture series is on the energy industry, which has to manage the enormous transformation from the historically grown infrastructures based on fossil energy sources to a purely renewable system. Key issues will be examined from the perspective of various players from industry and science, and possible development paths will be outlined. The content of the event will focus on overarching questions relating to the overall system as well as various technological solutions for CO2 reduction. In addition to classical measures such as CO2 capture and efficiency improvements, the role of innovative topics such as the extraction and use of CO2 from the atmosphere, energy storage technologies, nuclear fusion and hydrogen will be critically discussed.

The lecture series is part of the course Selected Chapters of Energy Systems and Flight Propulsion, but is also explicitly aimed at employees of RWTH Aachen University and an interested public, in addition to students. Admission is free of charge.

The introductory lecture will take place on October 26th 2022 from 5:30 pm to 7 pm in the lecture hall HKW 2 (Wüllnerstraße 1). A detailed lecture program is available on the course page. If you have any questions about the event, please contact Nils Petersen or Christian Goßrau.