Excursion in Summer Period

  Group Picture Niederaußem 2022 Copyright: © IKDG

We visited the wind farm Aachen Nord (Stawag) and the power plant Niederaußem (RWE) with a group of 20 students to experience power plant technology up close. In the course of the Ringlabor Erneuerbare Energie we visited the wind farm Aachen Nord, accompanied by exciting insights into technical, economic and regulatory aspects. Many thanks to the colleagues of Stawag Energie GmbH for the interesting guided tour and the many detailed insights into the daily operations.The impressions of the BoA unit were tremendous - especially when you can feel the vibrations of the turbine shaft on the machine foundation, through which 980 MW of electrical power is generated.Of particular interest was the Innovation Center, where the future of energy supply is researched. Here, innovative solutions from the fields of emission reduction, energy storage, geothermal energy as well as the hydrogen economy and many more are experimentally investigated to obtain a holistic picture of the individual technologies as well as the interconnection in the integrated system.