Frontier Workshop 2021


Simulation & DataScience for Hydrogen Technologies - Thermodynamics and Hydrogen Combustion

Insights into the Frontier Workshop (dissussion, IKDG-Poster, Agenda) Copyright: © RWTH Innovation / IKDG

"Getting beyond today's frontiers" was the slogan for this week's 2-day conference of around 40 High Potentials from industry and research in Aachen. The First RWTH Frontier Workshop fostered on “Simulation & DataScience for Hydrogen Technologies – Thermodynamics and Hydrogen Combustion”.

The RWTH event in the context of its grant as a university of excellence serves initiatives to drive international frontier research and to contribute to strengthening the strategic cooperations with our (international) partners. Representatives from 13 renowed companies took the opportunity to discuss current challenges in the fields of gasturbines, combustion engines und thermal processes with the academic experts.

The IKDG was present with its own "Innovation Corner" to answer questions about experimental and simulative investigations of hydrogen combustion in stationary gas turbines.
We like to thank the RWTH Innovation GmbH for the organization and the exciting insights into industrial and academic hydrogen research!