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Girl’s Day – "Es leuchtet, piepst und bewegt sich“

„It is blinking, beeping and moving- Improving the World through Technology“ this was the motto of this year‘s Girls’ Day, which was organized by the competence center MINT-L4@RWTH Aachen.

In the first Chemistry workshop the girls grew a piezo crystal which they could take home. Additionally, they got familiar with the structure of solid matter and learned how to draw their structure using their own artistic skills.

In physics the girls constructed different circuits. They used breadboards, LEDs, resistors and a battery as a current supply.

The girls took their circuits to the third part of the workshop, the computer Science workshop, in order to program them by using a microcontroller. They let the LEDs lighten up, blink and they even managed to control them by using a small button. At the end, the girls got a piezoelectric signal generators, which consists of such crystals that were similar to those they grew in the chemistry part of the workshop and programmed them as well.